Who We Are!

"Memories evoked by familiar smells are entangled in emotion, as smells have the ability to anchor a memory in a sea of feelings. It’s the feeling behind a memory that is triggered by smell which are really powerful because they’re long-term emotional memories."

Hello! We are so happy you found us! 

Who am I?
I am Maddison and I am the owner of Timber Oak Candles LLC. I am a mom of three young kids, a wife and now a business owner! We have recently relocated to Missouri from Illinois and we love it so far!
How did I get into candle making?
I grew up making candles. My family owned a very successful soy candle business right when people were finding out all the amazing benefits of soy wax candles! They retired and sold the company when all of us kids went off to college. I loved working for my parents in a family business and getting to see them everyday. I wanted that for my kids! I decided since I knew a lot about soy candles why not start my own!
About Timber Oak Candles LLC
I started this business to support and spend time with my family all while making the delicious smelling candles that I missed! We hand pour, clean, label and ship every candle you will receive! We are a fully family owned and ran business! We are not a big corporation all about the money and sales. We take pride in every candle and strive to put amazing quality and smelling candles out there for everyone to enjoy! We don't make them in bulk to let sit on our shelves for months and discolor. We pour fresh candles for everyone! This may add time to our turn around but I promise it is worth the wait!
I am so happy you are here! I would love to form a relationship with each one of you so don't be afraid to reach out! 
XOXO Maddison
Timber Oak Candles LLC Family



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