Who We Are!

"Memories evoked by familiar smells are entangled in emotion, as smells have the ability to anchor a memory in a sea of feelings. It’s the feeling behind a memory that is triggered by smell which are really powerful because they’re long-term emotional memories."

As a child I remember watching my grandma Lorraine, pouring candles in old milk cartons, jars, cans... whatever was available. She was a woman business owner before that was cool :)  Actually, so was my great grandmother and great aunts.  Grandma had a love for people, food and fragrance. She had no fear!  Seriously the bravest person I knew.  To be around her was to feel loved, safe and accepted. I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

In 2003, when I decided to start making soy candles (for myself), I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn and it all seemed overwhelming.  I asked myself how grandma would do it.  I put my full heart and soul in the process of learning the ins and outs of candle making, of soy wax, fragrance types and aromas, etc...  

Soon after my family and friends started smelling my candles, they wanted some of their own to burn.  That was the ultimate feeling of pride.  Someone wanted to buy my soy candles..... for real!!!

That started a whole new process... building a website (yep.... from scratch all by myself).  Besides working a full-time job, I spent hours upon hours every evening until early in the morning learning everything I thought would make my candles, and website, reflect what I loved about soy wax candles.  This was before the days of personal webpages.  I couldn't find anyone to help unless I was willing to spend many, Many, MANY, thousands of dollars.  That wasn't an option, soooooo.... I had to learn about algorithms, html, uploading pics to the "world wide web", and making all of the links work.  Not to mention setting up a shopping cart.  At that time PayPal was the route for carts.  And finally my first website was born!

Although the process of creating the candles was thrilling, it was the actual aromas that were making an impact.  Almost every fragrance I tested brought with it an emotion, or a memory.  It was an unexpected pleasure that started my addiction to candle fragrances.  The rest is history.  I can't imagine a home without the calming glow from a pure soy candle and the soothing aromas from the fine fragrance oils.


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