Burning Tips

Did you know that soy wax has a memory?

When you burn your soy candle for the first time, please be sure to burn it 3-4 hours... long enough for the wax to be fully melt across the width of the candle.

A full melt pool on the first burn will ensure an even burn for each lighting after that thus avoiding the wax "tunneling" down the center.

Get a full melt pool increases the scent throw. A correct burn releases the maximum fragrance!  If you feel the scent throw of the fragrance could be better:

  • make certain you have a full melt to the side of the jars
  • make sure there is no draft
  • make sure its not burning in a cubby hole where it can't get enough oxygen
  • make sure your candle isn't too small for the size room you are burning it in.



1) Always burn within sight.

2) Keep away from fire hazards.

3) Keep away from children and pets.

Keep wins trimmed to 1/4" at a time. Including when relighting. Do not burn candle for more than 3-4 hours at a time unless not burned all the way to the edge yet.

Keep all objects, including matches & wick trimmings, out of candle. Do not burn candle to the bottom of container - leave 1/2" wax in bottom. Burn on heat-safe surface.